Quiz Rally

Quiz Rally 2022 (we are back!)

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March 4-6, 2022


Radisson Hotel 12601 West 95th Street, Lenexa, KS 66215


Medical Armbands/Bracelets and Pony Club Pins:

Competitors must wear medical armbands or bracelets and USPC pins to all phases. National rules call for a one-point penalty to be assessed against any team member who is not wearing their pony club pin and/or armband/bracelet. A 1-point penalty will also be assessed for not wearing name badges provided at check-in.

Quiz Rally Rules:

We will be using the current USPC Handbook and Rules for Quiz Competition. With the following exceptions:

• Spectators will not be permitted in the competition rooms while sessions are in progress.

• Individuals will have a maximum of 2 minutes to answer questions. Judges may use their discretion to rule time is up before the expiration of the time limit, if it is clear the competitor does not know the answer.

• Some officiating duties and positions may be eliminated or reassigned due to time and resource limitations.

• Ties will not be broken at Regional Quiz Rally. Teams tied at the end of completion will each receive the highest-level ribbons to which they are entitled.

Rules and Reference Study lists are available on the USPC website

Quiz Rally Format:

There will be 5 Quiz Rally Phases (see the USPC Handbook for Rules for Quiz Competition) and more information here:

Barn Phase:

The barn phase will be held at 19205 Quivira Rd, Spring Hill, KS 66083. This is approximately a 30-minute drive. Click on the address above to view the route from the hotel to the barn in Google Maps.

Competitors must wear barn safe boots to the barn phase. Team chaperones will need to transport their team to the barn phase. We will schedule 3 or 4 rounds for the barn session. These are individual questions similar to the classroom phase. The questions may be more “hands-on” than the classroom questions (“Show me how, or show me where . . . “). We also plan to have team questions. The Barn phase will be conducted on Saturday.


Each team will be scheduled for two sessions of 3 or 4 rounds. There will be no team questions in classroom. In Session 1, competitors may ask for questions at their own level or at one level higher. In Session 2 competitors may ask for questions at their own level, at one higher level or at two higher levels.

Double Rounds:

D Seniors, C Juniors and C Seniors may exercise the Double Rounds rule during Session 2. D Novice and D Juniors will not be permitted to use the double rounds procedure.

Mega Room:

This room will have a number of stations (probably 8) and individuals will move from station to station to answer the questions, do the exercises, etc.


A competition room will be set up with several tables (stations) where team questions will be asked.

Written Test:

The written test is comprised of 25 questions. These are individual questions. There are no team questions.


Only the highest 3 scores per team for each round will be counted. That means that 3-person teams will not drop any of their scores.


D Novice – Ds & unrated 11 or younger

D Junior – Ds & unrated 12 - 17

D Senior – Ds & 18 or older

C Novice – Cs & 11 or younger

C Junior – Cs/HBs & 12- 17

C Senior – Cs/HBs & 18 or older

H-B/H/H-A - 14 and older

(All ages as of January 1, 2022)

Participants in the D Novice Division will be permitted to confer with their teammates, if they choose, but will be awarded only half the question value if they answer the question correctly.

Qualifying for Championships:

To be eligible for Championships, the competitor must be at least 10 years of age as of January 1, 2022, and must be a D2 or above. Any member who competes at Quiz Rally qualifies to compete at Championships. If USPC places a limit on competitors, preference will be given to those who scored higher.

Juniors competing on Senior teams at Regional Quiz Rally will be considered as Juniors for the Championship teams unless they choose otherwise.

Team T-Shirt Contest:

It is a tradition for teams to decorate team t-shirts. Team t-shirts are voted on by the DCs, Jt DCs, CAs, and ACAs. Creativity and fun are encouraged!


"Riding a horse is not a gentle hobby, to picked up and laid down like a game of solitaire. It is a grand passion. It seizes a person whole and, once it has done so, he will have to accept that his life will be radically changed." -Ralph Waldo Emerson