Midwest Region Festival

Get ready for a fun and busy weekend!  We tried very hard to get everyone the sessions they wanted. 

The master schedule is for Saturday only and is sorted alphabetically by the first name.  

The dressage schedule (also only on Saturday) is sorted by ride time.

The cross country schedule (for Saturday only; Sunday is open schooling) is sorted by ride time/group.

The switch ride schedule (for Saturday only) is sorted by ride time/group.

The Games pairs schedule (for Sunday only) is sorted by order of go.  Games pairs are encouraged to wear matching color shirts.

The Hunter Pace teams and order of go (for Saturday only )is sorted by start time.  Please note your scramble partner(s) if you did not indicate a team.  Hunter Pace groups are welcome to coordinate any safe and appropriate attire if you choose.

Everyone has a window of time to visit horse management education as listed on the Master Schedule

Horse Management education and Safety Checks will happen at the north end of the barn closest to cross country.  Be a bit early for your safety check as there will be groups of people needing them done before each mounted session.  Do not mount without a safety check!

Foxhunting is an especially large unmounted session.  Wear your masks and try not to crowd others too much.

If you will not make it to a Dressage, Switch Ride or Cross Country Lesson, let me know ASAP at mwrpcrs@gmail.com or text 573 268-9672.  We have wait lists for each of these sessions and would love to fill any available spots.

Be on time to your sessions!  We have a packed schedule so it will be very important to be on time.  In a couple of cases, someone may need to leave an unmounted session a few minutes early to get to a riding session.  We avoided this as much as possible. 

The Photo Shoot will be on one of the cross country jumps closer to the barns so that you can be on your horse or sitting on the jump with your horse.

Wear your Pony Club pin and medical armband or bracelet!

Bring a mask or two and wear any time you are unmounted within 6 feet of anyone.  A small bottle of hand sanitizer is encouraged also.

Unmounted participants bring helmet and boots as well in case you get a chance to ride in a pony cart or otherwise be around the horses.

Bring shavings for your horse’s stall.  None are available on grounds.

Make a plan for lunch, hydration and snacks as there is no food service on grounds.

There have been cases of VSV in eastern Kansas and a few Missouri counties.  Please be careful not to share buckets, pans, or hay with other horses.  Also, hand-grazing is discouraged.  Another good practice is to use plenty of fly repellant as the virus is commonly spread by biting insects.

Contact Lisa Morrissey at mwrpcrs@gmail.com or text 573 268-9672 with any further questions.  Thank you!!


"Riding a horse is not a gentle hobby, to picked up and laid down like a game of solitaire. It is a grand passion. It seizes a person whole and, once it has done so, he will have to accept that his life will be radically changed." -Ralph Waldo Emerson