HB Zoom Preps 2020

HB Zoom Preps-Monday Mornings at 10:00 am taught by HMO/Provisional CHMJ : Cindy Medina 

Contact information:  text or call (618) 558-3555    email; equus34@aol.com

Cost: $15 per session (which must be paid prior to the prep via VENMO)

Monday, June 8, 2020 Topic:  HB Conditioning Section

PLEASE NOTE: Candidates wishing to participate must email Cindy Medina directly, so she can send out Zoom invite to the the candidate.  Candidates attending the prep should have HB Material printed up (Test Sheet and SOP's) as well as Supplemental reading material for each section. (which can be found on the USPC website, HB page).

These test are especially for those testing this summer, but are open to any members C1 and higher who hope to test for their HB in the next year.


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